Learn How to Groom a Maltipoo at Home Grooming Maltipoos

Learn How to Groom a Maltipoo at Home Grooming Maltipoos


  1. Jennifer Smith says:

    First time I have commented on a video – Thank you very much. Just rescued one of these little guys and? need/want to groom him myself. Thank you. I appreciate you used a regular rescue type dog and not a well trained one. This really showed your talent!!!

  2. Kerri Hunter says:

    Might call?

  3. Jessica K says:

    You? are a wonderful groomer. This video was awesome. Great filming and grooming! You did so much for that little dog. And you didn’t put down the owner for the terrible condition of the dog. I hope you were paid well.

  4. What kind of Clippers do you use and how much do they? cost?? You did a great job by the way

  5. Wow! You did a fabulous job Sharon! Zipper is one lucky? pup!

  6. Judy Desetti says:

    You are a fabulous groomer, so gentle and kind. Love this video. I think I can learn to groom my own dogs with you as a guide. Was this a rescue dog? I can’t imagine an owner letting their dog get that bad. Also can you tell me what kind of tools you are using? I want to get good shears and thinning shears to use. What brands do you recommend? THANKS? A LOT!!

  7. Sharon Butts says:

    . As a groomer you? never know what a dog has or has not experience, so it hard to say why some dog just do not like to get groomed. Some dogs just might not like it. It really helps if you rub or pet you pups feet and in-between their eyes and this get them use to been touch there so when they are groomed they are ok with the touching there. If you have more question just email me at urdoggroomer@gmail.com

  8. Sharon Butts says:

    Start out groomed at about 3-4 months when it’s had enough shots to be protected,. I think it’s best if you start out with a Face, Feet and Fanny. Just to introduce him/her to the groom without stressing him/her out to much. It’s important to start them out young so that they are a little less afraid. Trust? is important to the dog so they need to get to know there groomer. It’s good to build a regular appointment and relationship with your groomer. Routine is important to all of us.

  9. knightchik says:

    It’s? a curved slicker brush.

  10. Nicster861 says:

    same as my? dog. im going try this.. she gives full details. love thank you.

  11. Isabella Korner says:

    hi I loved this video because you gave a lot of information. This dog seemed a bit more unsure of the grooming even though you are one of the most gentle groomers. Is this what happens if you don’t take them regular. My Maltipoo is only 9 weeks so should I take her? regularly to get in the habit.

  12. kissessaywhat says:

    What is the brush? you use at 33:42?

  13. Scott Mandarich says:

    It contains Boric Acid and has special tight grip properties for removing? hair from ear canals of dogs.

  14. Flyercanine says:

    What was the powder used in the? ears?

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