Baby Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies For Sale (Ears Cropped)

Baby Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies For Sale (Ears Cropped)


  1. rothana yin says:


  2. ergys mecuku says:

    man wag1 look i realy like blue noise poppyes man for real but the problem is i am in albania and here we got red noise but not blue noise and plz lilhomie make it real? for me man and sent a blue noise puppy for me could u ? and wat price are they ?

  3. Marcalecorley5 says:

    How much hit me up on Facebook marcale Corley?

  4. @willy rivera q coma mas lo? q pasa es q el pittbull ordinario son mas bajos y delgados… curpulentos tmbien pero no igual que un blue el blue es de mejor linaje x eso de nacimiento tiene ese cuerpo.

  5. willy rivera says:

    Can? anyone pls tell me how i can get my dogg to get muscular like that one?

  6. Himssr onesz says:

    How much ? Does are pretty nice pups..Hit mi up if you more of them thnx?

  7. d00d00dumb87 says:

    wsup. how much would it cost to ship to nevada?? Those pits are real deal .

  8. Bruno frança says:

    Wonderfull!! Hi friend? I`ve got a kennel, do you ship to Brazil? If yes, How much?? Thanks bro!

  9. Ricardo Torres says:

    How long does it? take before the Pitbull ears go up or straight up

  10. ayeshakauser123 says:

    Aww they are so? cute

  11. Samuel Tijerina says:

    how? much did these pups go for they are nice

  12. jordanmama23 says:

    What Ear Cropping? Is That

  13. dogpound1289 says:

    Hello how are you doing just want to kno if you have any more? puppies in how much are they in where are you located

  14. ddiazjua1662 says:

    Were are you? located

  15. ripsta238 says:

    How much and whr? r yall located….

  16. Sanchez220c says:

    hey im interested in buying a? puppy do you have any available..

  17. louie8599 says:

    do you have? more?

  18. Menes Alabre says:

    my pit had pups last night. ADBA papers? check out my videos

  19. ramirezc04 says:

    those are some bad as bullies Thats werth It Very Good Dogs good job? breeding Im all so Ay bullie and red nose Breeder i Breed some new pits called crock heads beast ass little dogs I put ay vidieo later .

  20. james reyes says:

    is it a? male and how much and where you located at

  21. gmuratalla1 says:


  22. moni9521 says:

    Wow great lookin pups bro looks like there guna be? monsters lol

  23. any pups 4 sale r8 now ?

  24. claudia153210 says:

    Please send me info on? your pups and upcoming litters. thanks, My name is Claudia. thanks.

  25. boyboychi says:

    How much? you charge

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